Morning Speakers 

Pastor Daryl Anderson

Sabbath, June 12 | 8 AM

Pastor Hercule Toussaint

Sunday, June 13 | 8 AM

Pastor Myles Young

Monday, June 14 | 8 AM

Pastor Jorge Quintiana

Tuesday, June 15 | 8 AM

Pastor Ewart Carter

Wednesday, June 16 | 8 AM

Kim Gaiter

Thursday, June 17 | 8 AM

Pastor Michael Miller

Friday, June 18 | 8 AM

Pastor Victor Bartley

Sabbath, June 19 | 8 AM

Evening Speakers

President William L. Winston

Friday, June 11

Pastor Darryl Howard

Sunday, June 13 | 7 PM

Pastor Frank Harrell

Monday, June 14 | 7 PM

Elder Merkita Mosley

Tuesday, June 15 | 7 PM

Pastor Sherwin Jack

Wednesday, June 16 | 7 PM

Mrs. Kathy Hernandez

Thursday, June 17 | 7 PM

Pastor Stephen Ruff

Friday, June 18 | 7 PM

Divine Hour Worship Speakers

Pastor John Pooler

Sabbath, June 12 | 11 AM
Pastor John Pooler III was born in Dublin, GA; but calls Fayetteville, NC home. He is a graduate of Oakwood University, and has received his Master of Divinity from Regent Divinity School Virginia Beach, VA. He is presently pursuing his Doctor degree with an emphasis on leadership and community revitalization. He is most interested in spiritual renewal and its positive effect in secular corporate settings.

Pastor Austin Humphreys

Sabbath, June 19 | 11 AM
Austin James Humphreys was born on the 23rd of December 1989 in Chicago, IL, to Pastor James and Renee Humphreys.
Austin is a product of Christian education, wherein he graduated from Oakwood Adventist Academy and matriculated to Oakwood University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Theology in May of 2013. Pastor Humphreys has achieved a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Oakwood University.
Austin currently pastors the Murfreesboro/Washington, NC District.
On November 9, 2014, Austin married the love of his life, formally known as Ja’Lissa Joseph. They are the proud parents of a new baby girl, Arden James Humphreys, born June 8.

Sabbath Afternoon Service

Kim Gaiter

Sabbath Afternoon, June 12 | Education Program

Pastoral Retirement Service was streamed after the Education Program