Office of the General Vice President

General Vice President

Everton Ennis
Phone: 404-792-0535, ext.1257

Administrative Assistant 

Olivia Morrison
404-792-0535, ext.1107

Ministry Description

The Office of the General Vice President is an Executive Office of the South Atlantic Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (“SAC” or “the Conference”), being one of the four elected Executive Officers. The General Vice President works in consultation with fellow Officers to perform the duties and functions of the office as outlined below.

Executive Officers Chain of Command:

The General Vice President is the Fourth (4th) Officer of the Conference, after the President, Executive Vice President, and the Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, in that order.

General Vice President’s Roles and Functions

1.  Reports to:
A. President
B. Executive Committee
2.  Boards and Committees
A. Member of the Conference Executive Committee
B. Member of the Administrative Committee (ADCOM)
C. Member of the Conference Association Board
D. Member of the SAC Board of Education (SACED)
E. Member of the Conference Finance Committee
F. Member of the Regional Conference Caucus
3.  Duties and Functions of the General Vice President
A. Fulfill the Professional Expectations for Departmental Directors
B. Assist the President with the general administrative work of the Conference
C. Strategic Planning – Coordinate and oversee development, implementation, and evaluation of the Conference’s Strategic Plan in cooperation with departmental directors and pastors to ensure strategic alignment for successful plan execution
D. Assist the President in coordinating the work of the Departmental Directors, ensuring that the Conference’s strategic objectives are realized on schedule
E. Research and Development – Advise the President and ADCOM on matters of developmental opportunities per governmental projections within SAC territory
F. Serve as Chairman of the Camp Meeting Steering Committee (comprised of SAC Officers, Departmental Directors, Usher Federation President, Campground Superintendent, and selected lay members/advisors)
G. Provide direction to the Usher Federation through the Tri-State Coordinator and State Presidents during Camp Meeting, Constituency Sessions, and other major Conference-sponsored events
H. Address Congregational Concerns - Assist churches and pastors with concerns
I. Assist in pastoral installations, ordinations, church dedications, groundbreakings
J. Provide church conflict resolution ministry by referencing and applying the SAC Conflict and Dispute Resolution Protocol
4.  River Oaks Campground and Convention Center – Work in collaboration with the Executive Vice President on matters relating to the Campground and Convention Center
A. Review the monthly maintenance plan developed by the Camp Ranger
B. Oversee service contracts to ensure that equipment/systems operate efficiently to prevent emergencies due to lack of regular maintenance
5. Represent the Conference at State, municipal, civic, and church events and occasions as requested and assigned by the President