Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

The South Atlantic Conference empowers and encourages its members to know Jesus and invite others to Experience the Joy of salvation.

The Vision

To provide Christ-centered leadership to a Spirit-filled membership for God-ordained discipleship.

Our History

On December 4, 1945, at 10:00 a.m., the General Conference, and Southern Union Conference met at the Berean SDA Church on Ashby Street to organize a black conference. Elder A. F. Hackman, president of the Southern Union Conference, presided over 398 delegates and 19 delegates-at-large. The delegates came from the Colored (Black) Departments of Carolina, Florida, and Georgia Cumberland Conferences.
As the first step in organizing the new colored conference, it was Voted, that the former colored departments of the Carolina, Florida, and Georgia-Cumberland Conferences, together with delegates at large, constitute the delegates of the conference organization. The total of delegates present from churches was found to be 398 with the 19 delegates at large.
It was voted, that the name of the new conference be the South Atlantic Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
Elder H. D. Singleton became the first President of the South Atlantic Conference. From January 1, 1946, to 2011, we have had seven (7) presidents. They were: H. D. Singleton, J. H. Wagner, Sr., W. S. Banfield, R. L. Woodfork, R. B. Hairston, R. P. Peay, V. J. Mendinghall, and on September 11, 2011, at the 24th Constituency Session, Elder W. L. Winston became the eighth president of the great South Atlantic Conference.
The Lord has blessed and is blessing this conference. We have 42,139 members in 3 states with 98 pastors (full and part-time). We have 19 schools with 85 full and part time teachers.
There are men and women who are daily knocking on doors with the good news of our soon coming Lord. Thank God for our Literature Evangelists. South Atlantic’s employees, along with its constituents, are doing an outstanding job for the kingdom of God.
Our conference center/campground facility, River Oaks Convention Center, is located in Orangeburg, SC, with a 4,100 seat facility, youth pavilion with a gym that can seat 1100 and 5 smaller conference rooms. On the grounds, we have a newly finished 80 unit motel with 2 king size beds in each room.

Our Presidents