National Service Organization (NSO)


James Reid
Phone: 404 792-0535, ext. 501
Fax: 678-701-0812

Departmental Secretary

Teresa Posey
Phone: 404 792-0535, ext. 170
Fax: 678-701-0812

The role of National Service Organization (NSO)

The South Atlantic Conference National Service Organization, NSO, serves our members in uniform,
providing spiritual support, encouragement, and resources to our Adventist military personnel.  NSO co-labors with
the conference youth department and is a vital link to additional resources through the Adventist Chaplaincy
Ministries Office, North American Division. NSO serves three important people groups;
For the Church: NSO clarifies the position of the church concerning military service and is a link for families to communicate concerns and receive assistance for loved ones in uniform.
For the Youth: Through local church NSO Days and AYS seminars NSO helps our youth make an informed decision concerning military service.  It also provides one-on-one counseling to youth who may be in the valley of decision concerning enlistment, highlighting what to expect should they volunteer as a practicing SDA.
For the SDA Soldier: NSO makes assistance referrals for our SDA military personnel who encounter problems of conscience and religious accommodation issues while serving the nation. It also provides periodicals and other media to SDA in uniform to strengthen and encourage them during their term of service.
The South Atlantic Conference NSO Department is in agreement with and performs its function in accordance with the basic statement on military obligations presented in an action of the 1954 General Conference session and subsequent amendments which states:
  • VOTED – That we accept as our basic view the 1954 General Conference Session action…as amended at the 1954 Autumn Council, and further amended at the 1972 Annual Council of the North American Division, (NAD) to read as follows:
  • Genuine Christianity manifests itself in good citizenship and loyalty to the civil government. The breaking out of war among men in no way alters the Christian’s supreme allegiance and responsibility to God or modifies his obligation to practice his belief and put God first.
  • This partnership with God through Jesus Christ who came into this world not to destroy men’s lives but to save them causes Seventh-day Adventists to advocate a noncombatant position.
  • As they accept the obligation of citizenship as well as its benefits, their loyalty to government requires them willingly to serve the state in any noncombatant capacity, civil or military, in war or peace, in uniform or out of it, which will contribute to saving life, asking only that they may serve in those capacities which do not violate their conscientious convictions.
  • The above statement is not a rigid position binding church members but gives guidance, leaving the individual member free to assess the situation for her or himself.
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