Personal Ministries


Frank Harrell
Phone: 404-792-0535, ext. 1126

Departmental Secretary

Teresa Hairston
Phone: 404-792-0535, ext. 1113

The role of Personal Ministries

  • Communicate with the members and employees on behalf of the South Atlantic Conference Administration.
  • Communicate with communities throughout the South Atlantic Conference territory about the Seventh-day Adventist Church either directly or indirectly through local church communication directors.
  • Serve as a resource for pastors, local church leaders, and Conference departmental directors and support staff.


The personal ministries leader needs to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to share Him with others. This person also needs to be able to plan, organize, manage and evaluate outreach projects. He or she must be able to motivate and supervise volunteers. The ability to communicate effectively with church members, other leaders, and the community is also needed.
The first task of personal evangelism is not to teach doctrine but to bring the unbeliever to a personal relationship with Christ.

Top 10 Tasks for Personal Ministries Leaders

  1. Maintain a strong relationship with Jesus
  2. Make sure you understand the true meaning of salvation and grace
  3. Develop and show genuine love for all people
  4. Be prepared to engage in spiritual warfare as you teach others the truth about freedom in Jesus
  5. Surround yourself with a team of prayer warriors
  6. Communicate effectively with your church leadership
  7. Become a leader who inspires and motivates
  8. Think clearly and plan wisely
  9. Be flexible and open to the Holy Spirit’s leading
  10. Remain focused and optimistic – Jesus has already won!

The Year of Evangelism

Corresponding to the Year of Evangelism is a joint venture between Message magazine and the Regional Conference PM leaders and Publishing Directors–TOUCH 10 x 10K. Regional conferences (with some NAD help) will be sponsoring 10,000 Message magazines to be distributed in 10 cities on May 4, 2019. Please mark this date in your calendars!
The cities selected for South Atlantic Conference will be Charlotte & Atlanta. Lest you be tempted to think that 10,000 is a lot of magazines to be distributed in each of these cites, consider two important points:
  1. 10K is only a tithe of what we did in Atlanta in 2010, when the metro area churches distributed 100,000 magazines in a day 
  2. 10K is only scratching the surface of the needs of these cities. The population of the MSA (Metro Statistical Area covering the 7 county region of Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia) is nearly 2.5 million! The population of the 28 county Metro Atlanta area around 5.9 million! What’s 20,000 gospel magazines among 8.5 million people?
  3. God referred to Ninevah as a “great city” and it only had 120,000 people. God put Jonah through hell (Jonah’s words:) for not fulfilling His call to prophesy to Ninevah. If God was concerned for Ninevah’s 120,000 people, how much more concern must He have for Charlotte and Atlanta? Hasn’t Jesus called us to proclaim the everlasting gospel as a witness to every nation, tribe, tongue and people (Matt. 24:14; Rev. 14:6)? How much more serious must God be about us fulfilling the call to these great cities than He was about Jonah’s faithfulness?
SUMMARY: The goal is small compared to the size of our fields and what we’ve done in the past.